We are family!

January 16, 2017

What’s up peeps? It got cold this week and led to me getting a cold! Luckily is wasn’t anything bad at all, so we didn’t miss out on any proselyting time.

I listened to a talk by J. Reuben Clark called “Work–Work Always!” that got me really motivated to be a more diligent missionary. Elder Jensen and I have definitely moved past our Christmas slump and started working really hard again. It’s lead to some great success.

We have investigator that works for Amway so his English name is Amway. Haha. We’ve met with him twice now and he’s been making crazy progression. He’s gone from complete atheist to believing that God is real and is our Heavenly Father. It’s really neat to watch the Holy Ghost work on someone.

We have a family that we’re still working with. Elder Jensen and I decided that we were gonna take the pressure off of them and let them progress at a more suitable pace and it’s been working wonders. They set their own baptismal goal for the week after Chinese New Year, and this time they seem pretty serious about hitting it!

Elder Jensen and I ordered custom-fitted suits from mainland China a little while ago and they came this week! They are unreal quality and super “shuai” (handsome? kinda…). Elder Moody has still got it. Another missionary bought a suit that didn’t fit him so he’s giving it to me for cheap too. I know have two new suits and four custom shirts all for less than $100 U.S.

Version 2dscf2035Chinese New Year is almost here! The members in Taiwan don’t feed us very often during the rest of the year but during the week of Chinese New Year they want to feed us every meal. Because of the size of the ward I’m in right now (pretty large), we’re booked for two lunches and two dinners for several days in a row. They’re going to kill us! Last year I was in a tiny branch for this time so I’m excited to experience a real one this time! And to prepare for the fattest week of our life, Elder Jensen and I started eating salad for lunch. I love salad.

I want everyone to know that I have learned to love the people of Taiwan. That hasn’t always been the case; I haven’t always meshed well with the Taiwanese people. I worked hard to understand their culture but it didn’t really work. Then I listened to a talk by Elder David A. Bednar talking about understanding doctrine. He promised that understanding doctrine can solve any problem we have. I thought about what the doctrine is behind loving the people of Taiwan and I soon realized that it is God is our Heavenly Father. That means that all of us on Earth are children of God and, therefore, brother and sisters. In short, we’re family. That’s when things really started to change for me. Although their culture may be very different than mine, I love the people of Taiwan. They are my brothers and sisters, and that’s doctrine!

Love you all!


Elder Sam Moody

About 6moodys

Sam Moody serving as a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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